IT Security Investment is Leading to Improved ROI for Businesses

More frequently, businesses and organizations are beginning to understand the value of IT security and the organizations that have already improved their levels of IT security are now starting to see a better return on their initial investment. Roughly 44% of businesses actually view computer security as a VITAL expense and these groups have found that investing in better IT security is definitely worth the added cost in the long run. Although these organizations have to cough up a little extra cash at first, it helps them save money over the long term by making sure all of their online documents and files are secure. There is still plenty of room for growth in the IT security industry as more firms start to realize the relative value of this field.

Although IT security is really something that should involve everyone in an organization (see social engineering), the IT department is definitely in control of the basic security features of a business’s computer network. 72% of businesses now understand that security is one of the most important expenses to look at on the books and the value of backing up the data on their networks and data storage investment is soaring in similar proportion. Attacks don’t just occur on the networks of Government agencies and large organizations, they are happening more and more in the SMB space.

As mentioned, above, organizations are now also realizing the importance of cloud based data storage solutions. Roughly 16% of the respondents in a recent survey by Turnkey Consulting said that they have experienced some kind of data loss in the past year, and sometimes a loss of data can be even more damaging than an attack from a hacker. In fact, 36% of the respondents involved in the poll also said they were a victim of an inside attack over the past year. This means that the majority of the attacks to a business’s computer network and data will actually come from within the business. These figures are providing more than enough reason for an organization to turn to the, currently much more secure, cloud solutions that are available.

With all of the stats that are now available in regards to IT security, it would be rather unwise for an organization to skip out on this kind of investment. Organizations should definitely look at data security as an investment instead of a cost because it will most likely be able to save them in a variety of ways in the long run. As we have seen on several occasions lately, public embarrassment is as damaging as the exploitation itself in most cases. Some organizations look at this kind of spending as insurance more than anything else.